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    This kind of real-time brand tracking has become a necessity.

    — WIRED
    • A 360-degree view of your brand, in one screen. Every day.

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      What consumers think

      Hundreds of daily survey results using our proven methodology

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      What consumers say

      Streaming social media data from Twitter

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      What consumers see

      Aggregation of over 85,000 news outlets, including premium publishers like the Wall Street Journal

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    Use Cases

    • Daily SnapshotAn icon depicting a Morning Consult Intelligence dashboard with numerous charts on it

      Daily monitoring

      Track brand perception in real-time with the Brand Intelligence dashboard in your inbox.

    • Strategic PlanningAn icon depicting a play from a coach's playbook: a line moving between several exes

      Strategic planning

      Identify demographic targets and geographic trends to customize communications & marketing campaigns.

    • Crisis ResponseAn icon depicting a warning sign with an exclamation point on it

      Crisis response

      Evaluate the magnitude of a crisis and track the effectiveness of your response.

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